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9,200 SQFT


Nestled in the serene topography of a silent desert canyon, the Topaz spec home in Crown Canyon, Paradise Valley, AZ, is a true marvel of architectural elegance. This luxury home, currently available for sale, harmoniously blends into the beauty and incredible vegetation of the Sonoran Desert. The design style is perfectly congruous with its surroundings, enhancing the natural aesthetics of the environment. Despite being a work in progress, the Topaz promises an exceptional living experience that is seamlessly in tune with the tranquil desert vibes.

Boasting a generous living area of 9,200 square feet, the Topaz has been meticulously planned to provide ample space for comfort and luxury. The interior includes five bedrooms and six bathrooms, ensuring enough room for a large family or for hosting guests. In addition, the property has a four-car garage, a testament to its focus on convenience and lifestyle amenities. Priced at $14,000,000, the Topaz is an investment in a lifestyle defined by grandeur and sophistication, nestled amidst the beauty of Paradise Valley. The vision for the Topaz is to create an architectural symphony, with each aspect of the home adding to the natural beauty of the stunning canyon it calls home.

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