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6,238 SQFT

4.5 BATH

The Onyx, a standout property located in Crown Canyon Lot 1 in Paradise Valley, Arizona, is an epitome of elegance and sophistication. This spacious home covers 6,238 square feet of living area, offering ample room for residents to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. It features four beautifully designed bedrooms and four full bathrooms, along with four half bathrooms. The layout of the home has been meticulously planned to facilitate comfort and convenience, with every room exuding a unique charm of its own.

The exterior of the house complements the beautiful interior, providing ample garage space that can accommodate up to four vehicles. But perhaps the most striking aspect of the Onyx home is its harmonious blending with the stunning natural beauty of the canyon. The designers' vision was to create an architectural symphony where each home not only stands out but also adds to the stunning landscape of the canyon. With its strategic location and thoughtful design, the Onyx home truly offers a dream living experience in the heart of Paradise Valley.

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