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8,132 SQFT


The Jade Residence takes pride of place at the entrance of the awe-inspiring collection of Architectural Art in Crown Canyon. Positioned above the entrance, this exceptional home offers a vantage point that captures the essence of its natural surroundings. Surrounded by ocotillo, residents of the Jade Residence will have an unparalleled opportunity to embrace outdoor living with expansive decks that seamlessly blend with the beauty of the community. The residence's unique design, with angles that mimic the contours of the Canyon, serves as a visual testament to the allure of Crown Canyon, captivating those who gaze upon it from a distance. Additionally, the Jade Residence provides breathtaking views to the east, hinting at the concealed wonders that lie beyond, creating a sense of intrigue and wonder.

The Jade Residence is more than just a home; it is a gateway to an extraordinary living experience, harmoniously merging architecture with the grandeur of its natural surroundings. This remarkable residence promises not only exceptional views but also a connection to the captivating energy of Crown Canyon, making it a haven for those seeking a truly remarkable place to call home.

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