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How They Closed It: Breaking Down The Sale Of Arizona’s $30 Million ‘Crown Jewel’


Jul 20, 2023

Within a month, two spec homes — one at a record-setting $30 million-plus and one at $20 million — sold in what promises to be one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

The estimated value of the completed top-selling home would set a record for the state. In a highly desirable luxury area with skyrocketing prices and a few resident billionaires, what does it take to close the biggest deal?

Hint: “Location, location, location” is a spectacular given, and “exposure, exposure, exposure” becomes the new selling mantra.

The Who: Rich Brock, president and founder of BedBrock Developers, has been a star player in Arizona’s ultra-luxury home-building market for almost two decades. Projects, such as Cameldale and Kachina in Paradise Valley, embraced modern designs inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright that perfectly fit the tones and shades of the rugged desert landscape.

Now Crown Canyon Estates, the company’s most iconic and exclusive project, would up the ante by creating custom homes in a private and pristine canyon setting starting at $11 million. To get the project moving, builder Brock reached out to veteran sales agents Chris Morrison and Kirk Linehan at Scottsdale-based RETSY, one of the fastest-growing tech-based brokerages in the area.

Both started their careers early in the real estate market (Morrison, who bought his first home at 18, is ranked consistently in the top 1% of real estate agents nationally), both had more than two decades of experience and both were successful at finessing ultraluxury property deals.

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