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Custom Builder Rich Brock Develops The Most Exclusive Community in Arizona


March 10, 2022

Crown Canyon is an uber-elite Arizona community developed by Rich Brock and designed by three ICONIC architects.

While Rich Brock struck gold with enclaves like Cameldale Estates and Kachina, as well as numerous private home commissions, he came upon the ultimate diamond-in-the-rough about a decade ago. And that diamond is Crown Canyon, THE most exclusive address in Paradise Valley. Today, seven exquisite showcase homes and three expansive homesites are available for sale.

“A decade ago, I was randomly driving through Paradise Valley and decided to go back into a mountain preserve area when I noticed there was an old, decrepit gate with a sign on it reading, ‘Whispering Canyon,’” he recalls. “As it was locked, and I couldn’t get in, I wondered what was back there as it was almost hard to believe there may have been a home or private Arizona community.”

After a lot of digging, Brock found out that it was previously owned by a woman who bought this land—almost 30 acres—on which to build her own estate, though he was at a point in his career where he had established a solid reputation for his developments, but this was not within his reach.

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