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Renowned as the premier luxury estate builder in Paradise Valley and Scottsdale, Arizona, BedBrock Developers, led by Rich Brock, have created exceptional modern luxury homes for over 20 years. Their attention to detail and custom home expertise have resulted in upscale communities that redefine value and quality in the Valley. With extensive experience in hillside property development, they ensure a smooth design-build process for homeowners in this beautiful desert region.

Rich Brock Head Shot Bedbrock
Rich Brock  |  BedBrock Developers

Masterful Architecture

Top architects from the West have been handpicked to design unique homes for Crown Canyon, each imparting their own interpretation of Sonoran Contemporary architecture while honoring the canyon's natural beauty. Utilizing organic shapes and desert-inspired materials, the homes are designed to blend seamlessly with their surroundings and offer stunning desert views. Five homes have already received the esteemed national and international awards.

Stratton Logo

"Crown Canyon is the epitome of exclusive desert opulence. These modern hillside custom residences draw their forms and inspiration from the jagged shale spires encompassing the property. The symphony of luxurious residences are all grounded to meld with the desert floor yet they break form, transpiring into a sculptural abode rising from the pristine preserve."

– Stratton Andrews |Principal Architect

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"I try to create architecture that penetrates from the interior to the exterior to celebrate our indoor/outdoor lifestyle as well as the desert’s unique landscape. The sense of community and the elevated nature of this development—there will be nothing like it."

– CP Drewett | Principal Architect

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"Perched on the hillside, the beauty and overall experience of the canyon is paramount. The focus of the architecture is to complement the desert surroundings while capturing stunning canyon views and the surrounding vistas."

– Mike Wetzel | Partner

Inspiring Interiors

Grand architectural estates of this quality demand interior design that will both complement the monumental structural compositions and bring life to every aspect of the home. Mara Green of MARA Interior Design has brought a timeless allure and luxurious feel to Arizona homes since 2013, and our clients have trusted her eye for form, function, and scale, making these estates feel like warm and welcoming homes.

As the principal designer, Mara believes a fusion of understated, rich aesthetics begins with a clean, minimal, and natural approach allowing the evolution of unique design tailored to the home’s sensibilities and client lifestyle.


MARA Interior Design

mara interior design logo

"Timeless qualities, natural beauty, comfort and drama are some of the key words that reflect the design of each home. The Impressive canyon speaks for itself and each homesite has its own characteristics. We incorporate the interiors with respect to the natural beauty and design awareness of the architecture."

– Mara Green | Principal Interior Designer

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